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- Hazel Cat Litter -

​​​Hazel Cat Litter is 100% all natural crushed & de-dusted hazelnut shell that is safe for people, pets, and our planet. Hazel Cat absorbs odors quickly, clumps droppings naturally, and is long lasting. Hazel Cat is available in 10 lb. bags.

Benefits for using Hazel Cat:

• Eliminates Waste Odor

• Absorbs Urine Odor

• ​​Clumps to Droppings

• ​100% All Natural

• Dust Free​​​​​​​​​​​

​• Renewable, Biodegradable & Sustainable


Empty a 10 lb. Hazel Cat bag into a standard size litter box. Clean daily to gain maximum usage. Litter is biodegradable.​

​10 lb Hazel Cat Litter Bags available through eBay and Amazon.