Hazel Shell Mulch is a renewable, all natural product, made from 100% half hazelnut shells. Hazel Shell Mulch is best used in potted plants, flower beds, gardens, & walkways. Spread a layer of Hazel Shell Mulch on top of your soil to create a decorative ground cover or amend the shell into your soil for aeration & drainage. Hazelnut shells hold moisture; keeping potted plants and flowerbeds moist throughout warm days. In addition, hazelnut shells keep weeds to a minimum, compact well and add beautiful contrasting color against surrounding succulent plants. The shells will biodegrade within 5-7 years however to keep a vibrant amber color it is recommended a new layer is added seasonally. Hazel Shell Mulch is also used in aquatic grow mediums. Our product allows aeration for the roots to grow freely around the shell & flourish. Hazel Shell Mulch is available in 6 lb, 1.5 cubic ft bags and in bulk..



► Holds moisture in potted plants & flowerbeds

► Keeps weeds down

► Adds beautiful color

► 100% Renewable, biodegradable & sustainable

► Compacts well

► Lasts 5-7 years